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Books read in May 2007

My crown is fitted, boy it feels odd at the moment. I didn't have a temporary crown, I had a temporary dressing, so to have something 'there' is really strange. I have to go back in a week just so my dentist can check all is well.

A trip there and back and half an hour in the dentist's chair really wasn't what I needed after Mother-in-Law's (aka Grandma's) visit, but at least it's done and I shouldn't now suffer from the ultra-sensitive pain when I ate or drank anything. But it's going to be another quiet day for me, with no overdoing it (at least that's my aim).

So once I've done my usual 1st of the month tasks (apologies to those on ncis_gibbsducky for the delay in ending one challenge and announcing the next one), then I'll have a rest from the computer (probably *g*).

Onto my books for May. They were all new reads for me and were mostly enjoyable.

There are two books (A Hopeless Romantic and Knitting Under The Influence that I won't be re-reading. The former was just so predictable throughout that it irritated me; not enough to stop reading it (quite), but I certainly have no interest in re-reading. The latter I enjoyed, but it was definitely for me a 'once only read'. The others, however, will be staying on my shelves (well The Unadulterated Cat will strictly speaking be staying on J's shelves, but . . .

I'm also uncertain about the Katie Fforde books, whilst I thoroughly enjoyed both (and I have another couple by her), I'm not certain if they were a read-once type of books or not, so for now they stay.

And strictly speaking I don't have to read any more books this year to complete my unofficial fifty books challenge, as I have now read fifty-one. Not, I hasten to add, that I will be ceasing to read books, I doubt I could if I wanted to - which I don't!

MAY (11)

Highland Fling - Katie Fforde
Sit, Slay, Stay - Linda O Johnston
A Hopeless Romantic - Harriet Evans
Murder Uncorked - Michel Scott
The Jewel That Was Ours - Colin Dexter
Nothing To Fear But Ferrets - Linda O Johnston
Life Skills - Kate Fforde
The Unadulterated Cat - Terry Pratchett
Knitting Under The Influence - Claire LaZebnik
Fine Feathered Death - Linda O Johnston
Meow Is For Murder - Linda O Johnston

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