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Permanent Accounts

I promised several people that I'd pass on information re: the sale of permanent accounts when I became aware of it, so, in spite of the timing, I am keeping my promise.

It seems as though they'll go on sale from 7th - 14th June and will b $150.

Interesting that they are going to be available for a week, last time it certainly wasn't that long. I remember it being twenty-four hours (remmeber I tried to ring you, caffyolay to tell you about them.

One does have to wonder at the rationale behind the timing of this. I know LJ said they'd go on sale in June, but maybe they might have done better to have waited a little longer.

ETA So anality strikes again. I knew I had the information pertaining to the sale two year's ago saved somewhere *blush*

From news 6th June 2007

Tonight (starting at Midnight EST), Permanent Accounts will be available for purchase from our Payment Center -- look for the "Permanent Account ($150 USD)" option from the "Item" menu to add it to your order. Remember that this sale is only valid for the next 24 hours (ends tomorrow night at Midnight EST).

So yes, two years ago people not only had mere twenty-four hours, but they also had a mere few hours notice of the date.
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