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It seems like forever since I was last here, but finally I actually have more than a few minutes to spare, so I thought it was time that I updated this journal with news of our move.

Well after more upheaval and problems than I'd anticipated, we really have now cracked the box emptying - in fact the removal firm are coming to collect the empty boxes tomorrow. All in all we had over 150 boxes, the vast number of which were taken up by books, DVDs and CDs. Now comes the slow and laborious task of sorting all the books into the correct rooms on the correct bookcases. We just unloaded them, most are at least in the right area of the bungalow, but had we stopped to sort them, we'd still be unloading at Christmas :-)

The area is beautiful. The landscape is stunning. It's peaceful without feeling cut-off and overly remote, and the view is ever changing. It's a farming area and quite rural, although not mud tracks and all that kind of thing. Plus the neighbours are great and keep saying 'if there's anything we can do, please ask', and they mean it, it isn't just words.

Four bungalows were constructed in this little part of the hamlet and they have all been designed so that no rooms overlook another room in another property, which is wonderful (especially so as the people from whom we bought took all their curtains and/or blinds with them - well apart from the blinds in the bathrooms and they have frosted glass! Therefore, although we knew that we'd be buying new curtains in due course, we didn't expect to have to do so immediately. We had bought a few old, spare curtains with us, but our sellers had also taken all the rings that go on to the poles, thus we had nothing to attach the curtains to! Thus up until about a week ago, I had a duvet cover over my bedroom window! We are having both blinds and curtains, as we didn't want nets, but wanted something else as well as curtains, especially in our offices and the sitting room which has three large windows (it makes seeing the TV quite difficult). All the blinds are now here and fitted and with the exception of two windows, we now have curtains at all the windows where we plan to have them. The place is really starting to look like a home rather than a warehouse.

We have also had to carpet the sitting room floor (which we hadn't expected to do). It has one of these modern, fashionable wooden floors, which on just looking round seems fine. However..... Tansy hated it with a passion, struggled to stay on her feet and looked at us with great reproach, as if it were all our fault. Plus, as I could move our heavy sofa with one hand, that should give you an idea of how I found it underfoot. I use my chair arms to help me stand up, and the last thing I need is for it to whiz away from under me. And Tansy's claws on it nearly drove me mad. We did toy with the idea of rugs, but as a couple of people pointed out, unless we fixed them down, they'd be even worse for skidding about the place - plus rugs would just give me one more thing to get my crutches stuck under and thus trip up. So as a result we couldn't really get on with the sitting room as as everything would have to be re-emptied/moved when the carpet fitters came - which was last Wednesday. Tansy is now delighted with 'her' carpet, I swear she thinks we did it just for her, and I'm also happy, and we can now begin to get the room organised. It's also the room that's causing us the most difficulty as far as deciding what goes where. The room itself is large, but it also has three large windows, which effectively knocks out three walls for any tall piece of furniture. Poor hubby has moved the suite/bookcases/tables around so many times, they must be dizzy. And now that we have the carpet, they are not as easy to move!

Also, some of the wiring here is also, shall we say 'interesting'. We moved on 15th April and were without a TV until a couple of weeks ago, because despite having two aerials in the roof and an amplifier, and a Sky dish on the wall, the signal was virtually non-existent. Anyway, we now have a new aerial (outside) and a digi-box, the latter we decided to go for because even with this new super aerial, the picture still wasn't brilliant, probably because of the hills. Also, despite having three TV sockets in the sitting room, one in the dining room and one in my office, none seemed to actually work properly! In fact when the men came to do the aerial they discovered that one of the sockets in the sitting room was merely a face plate, and the cable from the one we wished to use was buried under the installation in the roof and had to be 'dug out' before it could be connected.

On top of that we only had one working telephone socket when we arrived, in the kitchen of all places!! Which meant that to get on-line involved moving my laptop to the dining room and hooking up a double extension cable. However, hubby was able to sort that fairly easily. There was a phone socket in my bedroom, but it too had been incorrectly wired. Whoever had wired it had put in all six wires, when only four are needed, and had wired in the two that aren't needed, and had failed to wire up one of the ones that is needed! Not that I've had that much time for email or the web. I find that my illogical guilt streak comes into play. It's the one that won't let me just sit down whilst hubby is doing things, even though I can't actually do anything to help him. So instead I wander around or hover and basically tire myself out and make myself hurt more. He says it's totally daft, but it's very hard just to sit down whilst someone else is working and doing things - well it is for me.

However, as of a week ago we finally got our Broadband and the network up and running, so from that point of view we're happy. We're gone, this time, with a mixed network consisting of wireless for my laptop and wired for the PCs. As we're got the router/modem in my study, it meant that hubby only had to actually wire up one box. It turns out that one of our neighbours has a small computer repair/advice/network installation business as a second job, so we got the router/modem and network card through him and ditto the stuff needed for the network.

We are also having the shower redone to make it suitable for me, which has entailed having a cupboard knocked out so that we can have a large enough shower with grab rails and a seat, and yet not lose the bath. We're also having the loos raised and grab rails added for them. We do have an en-suite, but despite being of good size, it isn't large enough to have a decent shower installed, so we're going to have the shower capped off and turned into a cupboard, and just keep the loo/handbasin. Dolphin are doing the disabled works and the stuff is all being delivered this week, and as they try to arrange fitting as close as possible to delivery, hopefully it'll all be done soon, which will make a huge difference to me.

And we're also looking at changes to the kitchen. Now that we have a large kitchen where I could have a perching stool and actually do some preparation/cooking, we need an eye-level stove, and I have spent many a frustrating time trying to sort this out. We're also, both having always cooked on gas, going to replace the hob with an induction one to get much better control - like gas gives you.

And just to cap it all off, hubby damaged his back whilst moving the freezer at the rented cottage, so he hasn't been able to do as much as he would like/normally do. In fact he's been seeing a Chiropractor and to top it off, he then developed a really lousy cold that made him feel dreadful, and I has very kindly shared it with me and I can safely say that it's the worst cold I've had for years. Believe me I'm doing a wonderful impersonation of Rudolf and am feeling very sorry for myself and very unwell.

All in all, despite the fact that I have most definitely been over-doing it and paying for it, I think I have about run my reserves down to below empty, and despite all the above niggles, I love it up here and am so, so, so glad that we made the move - we both are (well all three if you count Tansy). It is also good to know that everything is unpacked and that although there's going to be a lot of moving stuff around still to do, there's no rush there at all.

My inbox is being worked through and is now down to a manageable level and I finally feel back in the world again and shall begin to make a steady trawl through LJ to see what interesting things/stories I have missed during the last month or so. If there have been any interesting posts, MFU or Pros stories, please point me to them, as that will undoubtedly save me time and energy. Thank you.
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