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Non-fannish views on fannish relationships

I always find it interesting to get non-fannish views on how we fans see characters and relationships. One reason for my interest is that the non-fan tends not have quite the same investment as we do, thus in some ways their views might be considered to be more objective than ours.

Mother popped over to see us today and we were talking about NCIS (which my parents both enjoy) and a certain relationship.

Mother and Father have been catching up with the last couple of NCIS episodes, including 'In The Dark'. Apparently during all the various Hollis scenes, Father kept telling Mann (as one does) to 'leave him (Gibbs) alone. He's not interested in you'. Which pretty much paraphrases J's comments when we saw the episode. Mother also said that Father has made the same kind of remarks in all of the Mann episodes and the various exchanges she and Gibbs have had.

And as neither J nor my father are the world's best in reading body language, facial expressions and subtleties, I think it makes their remarks even more telling. Also as Father has no idea about my interest in NCIS beyond the programme to enjoy, he isn't in any influenced by what I might think. Indeed, I hadn't discussed Gibbs relationship with Mann at all with either of my parents. And to be fair, J wouldn't make comments just to keep me happy (not that I know for certain that he does know about my Gibbs/Ducky devotion); he calls it how he sees it.
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