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A Birthday Tool

I know that a number of people on my flist, and around LJ in general, have bemoaned the fact that LJ removed the birthday list from the 'My LJ' (the LJ portal).

Well now LJ are going back to sending out birthday announcements.

From news:

Have you ever forgotten one of your LJ friends' birthdays and felt really guilty afterward? Well, we've got you covered because LJ birthday reminders are back! (Comment if you remember birthday notifications, because that means you're old skool.)

That's right, every time one of your LJ friends has a birthday coming up, we'll send you an email a few days ahead of time. That will give you plenty of time to plan a surprise party, send them a v-gift, or sing happy birthday to them in a voice post on your journal. You'll look like a hero!

Just go to the Friends and Communities section in your Message Settings to turn on birthday reminders.
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