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Bellisario is to leave NCIS.

As seen on Hollywood Reporter:

Creator-producer Bellisario exits 'NCIS' By Nellie Andreeva

May 6, 2007

"NCIS" creator and executive producer Don Bellisario is leaving the show.

Bellisario, who also served as showrunner on the show, will now focus his attention on a couple of projects he has in development at CBS Paramount Network Television, where he has an overall deal.

The move follows speculation about friction between Bellisario and the show's star, Mark Harmon, and other people associated with the series.

"NCIS" co-executive producer Chas. Floyd Johnson, who has worked with Bellisario for 25 years, and the show's head writer Shane Brennan, are expected to take over as co-showrunners.

"NCIS," from CBS Paramount Network TV, has been a solid performer for CBS and is expected to return in the fall for a fifth season.

"The creativity, vision and talents of Don Bellisario built '-NCIS' into one of television's most successful dramas," CBS Paramoount Network TV president David Stapf said. "He not only built a top-rated show but a great producing team that provides terrific continuity for the years ahead. With 'JAG' and 'NCIS,' Don has a great tradition of success with the network and our studio; we look forward to developing his next generation of projects."

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