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It's been a good month . . .

. . . On the completing challenges front.

I have now completed the 30_memories Fanfic Challenge for Gibbs/Ducky.

Gibbs/Ducky Memories Table


First story posted: 19th September 2006
Last story posted: 24th April 2007

Word Counts:

Total word count = 24,182 words
Shortest story = 100 words (Still Waiting & Still Missing)
Longest story = 2,594 words (Maybe)
Average story length = 806

Story ratings:

G = Nine stories
PG = Fourteen stories
PG-13 = Seven stories

The word count on this challenge is woefully low *sigh* When I signed up for the challenge I thought it would be a really good challenge and give me lots of lovely plot bunnies, but when it came down to it, I actually found that although the bunnies were reasonably active they didn't have any inclination to be long-standing bunnies, so . . .  Having said that, I'm very happy with the stories themselves, which is really the important thing.

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