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Well it's finally happened!!!!!

I've just heard from the people from whom we're buying our bungalow that their Solicitor has rung them to say that all has gone through. Hubby is on his way up there with the Volvo Estate and trailer load full with the first load from the cottage.

We are planning on moving from the cottage sometime over the weekend of 15th/16th/17th - the movers bring the stuff we had in storage up earlier in the week.

On the one hand I'm really excited, on the other amazingly unstirred - maybe it's just because a) the whole has been going on since January 2004 so it still doesn't quite seem 'real', and b) I personally haven't really done anything (other than view the houses, that is), plus it's not easy being excited on your own and Tansy isn't much help. She's just put herself to bed in a sulk because her daddy went off without her :-))

Seriously, of course I'm pleased. I'm delighted. I am excited. I am really looking forward to moving in and getting settled and having space again and not living out of boxes!! And being able to read/watch what I want to at any given moment, not suddenly remember that so-and-so book/zine/DVD is in storage.

I am not, however, looking forward to the unpacking - it's not as though I can do 'my share' of it anyway, or do much without hubby's assistance, even if it's just a matter of him bringing me a box of books, me unpacking it and telling him which bookcase to put them on ::sigh:: So it's going to take a long time to unpack, not that we're in any great rush or under pressure, we only have ourselves and Tansy to please.

I'm not exactly sure how much I'll be around either personally, on lists or on LJ between now and the move, or indeed for a few days afterwards. There are things to do, packing for one (despite not having brought all that much with us). Also officials to notify, lists to make, stuff to buy, etc. etc.

Having spent a busy morning catching up on email, and expending a certain amount of emotional energy, I am now going to sit down and watch a DMc film - I think I deserve it :-)
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