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The Letter Meme

I played on sharpiesgal's LJ, and she kindly gave me the letter 'N'.

Leave a comment and I'll give you a letter; then you have to list 10 things you like starting with that letter. Post them in your journal and give out new letters to your commenters in turn. NO TAGBACKS ALLOWED, unless a commenter specifically requests to be given a letter!

01. NCIS Well it had to be, didn't it? (Yes, sharpiesgal, I decided to be obvious *g*). My favourite TV show at the moment; the fandom that has given me my beloved pairing.

02. Newfoundland Dogs (Newfies). I've always loved these dogs. I wouldn't have one, too large and too much slobbering, but they are adorable to look at. They remind me in a way of huge teddy bears.

03. Nicholas. The name my parents were going to give me, because they were convinced they were going to have a boy. So when I wanted a pseudonym 'Nikki' seemed the logical answer. (To this day I don't know why they didn't go for the female version of the name they'd chosen).

04. New Zealand. Where the younger of J's two younger sisters and her hubby now live.

05. Nice. Because I prefer it to nasty.

06. Neil Diamond. I quite like him, and I really enjoy him in The Jazz Singer. My favourite song is Love On The Rocks.

07. Nathaniel Parker. I love him as Detective Inspector Lynley.

08. Nutmeg. A rather nice seasoning. I always use it when making Bread Sauce.

09. Navy Blue. One of my favourite colours.

10. Nurse. Something I never wished to be.

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