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Hugs, Cuddles and Kisses

So you've possibly (or not) seen the various 'porn/kin-a-thons' that have been doing the rounds, and have liked the basic concept. However, heavy-on-the-sex writing isn't for you, or indeed you don't ship either slash or het, you're a gen writer.

oxoniensis has come up with an alternative: Hugs,  Cuddles and Kisses, because there can never be too many of those, right?

To quote from oxoniensis:

So, same format as the Porn Battles, but less of the porn, more of the cuddling and kissing and hugging. Which means everyone can take part - not just slashers and het lovers, but gen people too, because what's more adorable than a father cuddling his newborn baby, or a mother ruffling her son's hair and kissing him goodbye on his first day of school. Of course, kissing can always lead to more, so we're not ruling out the porn, oh no. It can get as steamy as you want, as long as there's a good share of kissing or cuddling in the mix. And if you're a hard-bitten schmoop-hater, there are always kisses of betrayal, or one last dying hug.

It is multi-fandom, multi-pairing, multi-non-pairing even, and if you're interested toddle over to this post and read more about it.

Prompts can be posted up until mid-night (UK time) on 7th April 2007 and you can suggest as many pairings (or non-pairings) in as many fandoms as you'd like.

There is then a week to write stories (again as many as you like) which must all fit into a comment (i.e. be no larger than 4,300 characters).
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