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Web browsers update

Well, well, well, would you believe it?

Thanks to graculus suggesting that my 'problem' could be cookie related, I checked them out. I even turned off CookiePal, but that it wasn't the problem. I couldn't see how it could be cookies, because I had my settings set to 'accept all cookies', and 'ask me each time' (third party ones) - that should work, right? Wrong!!!

I checked out my other two versions of Opera and both of them worked, so what was different? Yes, they both had 'ask each time' for cookies. So I changed my default Opera to this and bingo it works!!! I don't get the logic myself, after all 'accept all' was a far looser setting than 'ask each time', but.... Not that it did ask me, I hasten to add!!! It just worked. Oh, well, I mustn't complain. I'll just be happy that it works.

So thank you, graculus. Sometimes the simplest thing is the one thing you fail to check - I'd tried most other things.
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