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My flist can be a very dangerous place :-)

This is all the fault of carinascott.

I've been havering about signing up for this challenge for quite some time now. And today, I caved and did it.

Mind you with EB6 in his current mood, I'm not sure it was a good idea. But . . . What the heck :-)

Index table for 25fluffyfics - Gibbs/Ducky (who else *g*)

1.Picnic 2.Hobbies 3.Sport 4.Dancing 5.Holiday
6.Candles 7.Breakfast In Bed 8.Dinner 9.Blankets 10.Bath
11.Massage 12.Hurt 13.Nightmare 14.Home 15.Birthday
16.Puppy/Kitten 17.Jealousy 18.Gift 19. Flowers 20.Protection
21.Sunset 22.Parting 23. Reunion 24.Writer's Choice 25. Writers' Choice

25/25 - Completed 26th November 2007.
Tags: fandom: ncis, fanfic challenge: 25 fluffy fics, fanfic challenges, pairing (slash): gibbs/ducky

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