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The things you do when you're bored/your muse abandons you

So my muse abandoned me for the weekend *sigh* right in the middle of a mini-series of stories *heads desk*. So what do you do when that happens?


It's natural. You set up another Fanfiction Challenge Community, don't you? Yes, another one - but with a bit of a difference.

The vast majority of these things only allow you to sign up for one pairing or one fandom, my new Comm is different. Quite often people would like to do a challenge, but they are multi-pairing people and as such don't want to sign up to write ten, twenty, fifty, a hundred stories for each pairing (of course some do *eyes certain people on her f-list - you know who you are *g*), and I had that in mind when I formed my new Comm.

However, it isn't just for people who write in multiple fandoms/pairings, you can sign up even if you only wish to write stories for one pairing. I'm hoping (she says crossing fingers and toes) that I've covered most bases when it comes to that.

12_stories is a multi-fandom, multi-pairing Comm where rather than just claiming one pairing, you can claim one, two, three, four, six or twelve pairings**.

You may claim:

01 pairing and write 12 stories for that pairing
02 pairings and write 06 stories for each pairing
03 pairings and write 04 stories for each pairing
04 pairings and write 03 stories for each pairing
06 pairings and write 02 stories for each pairing
12 pairings and write 01 story for each pairing

Making a total of 12 stories to be written to complete your claim.

There are eight tables from which you can choose: Nature. Colours. Time. Occasions. Light. Dark. Miscellaneous 1. Miscellaneous 2. If you'd like to see the prompts you can do so by going here.

FAQs can be found here.
And if they look familiar, they are pretty much cribbed from my other Comm 20_est_relships, in fact the layout, etc. is too *g*. Hey, why reinvent the wheel?

So if you've been dying to write two or three stories for each of your pairing or just wish to give this Challenge a you can do so by going to Sign Ups.

Please feel free to pass this on to anyone you think might be interested.

NB I have 'test driven' the coding for the tables, but as with all these things, the eye often sees what it thinks it should see. So please let me know if you spot any errors.

**For pairings read 'character' and 'triads' as well as 'couples'.

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