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I really can't deny it any longer

Spring is upon us.

Our clocks went forward an hour in the early hours of Sunday morning, which means that it's now lighter, much later ::sigh:: Something I really do not like.

We went out to lunch today with the parental unit as it is their Wedding Anniversary. It was a very nice lunch, but . . . Well you all know what the 'but' is when I've been out.

Anyway, in honour of Spring, I have changed my default icon to the Spring one and have written two drabbles to fit the icon.

Crossing Lines


It was the season of new beginnings. Of change. It was fitting their new relationship began now.

The man listened to bird song; smelled blossoms; saw flowers; thought about his closest friend.

For years they’d come close to crossing the line. The line, once crossed, from which there could be no return. For years neither had spoken, fearing perhaps change might destroy.

Yet the change would be minimal; in many ways they’d already crossed the line. In essence, nothing, yet everything, would change.

It was time.

Leaving birds, blossom, flowers to their lives, he stepped into his new life.

Never Looked Back


The season of rebirth.

Of new beginnings.

Of looking forward.

Of new growth.

Of new hope.

A time to take chances; to dare to try something new.

A time to take risks; to raise expectations.

A time to reach for what might once have been seen an unobtainable.

A time to push boundaries.

A time to cross lines hitherto not crossed.

A time when friends become lovers.

This they did.

They took their friendship and turned it into something more. Something new. Something unexpected.

They began anew. Afresh.

They grew.

They looked forward.

And they never once looked back.

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