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Puppy news

This morning we got a call from the lady I mentioned in my previous doggy related post to say that her other Westie bitch had pupped two weeks ago and . . . and . . . she had two little girl dogs (her words), and we had first refusal of one or both (we had vaguely talked about having two).

So, after talking about it, we've decided that two puppies at the same time, whilst in some ways would be a good idea, would be probably more than we could cope with (not to mention the money side of it). Thus, J rang her a while ago to say that we'd definitely like one of the bitches, and then should we decide to get another one at a later stage, in about a year or so, we can do so then.

If we do get a second, it might be another Westie or some other terrier. J was particularly taken with the Norfolk (which I really love too) and also the Australian Terrier when he was at Crufts. But naturally if we do get a second one (and it isn't another Westie), we'd want to find people who had the other breeds in which we are interested.

The lady lets the pups go at eight weeks, and they are currently two weeks old, so . . . We have six weeks in which to make our house and garden 'puppy proof'. J will actually go to visit the place in the next day or so, and see the pups (not that he'll see much of the two week old ones, but the older ones are still around), and also the place generally, and hopefully the mother.

So watch this space for 'puppy spamming' in due course :-)
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