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Car - Again

For someone who has spent her entire life not in the least bit interested in cars, I seem to have made an awful lot of posts on the subject recently.

As some of you may have remembered Monday was 'Zafira Redux Day'.

In essence we have decided to go for the model we tested on Monday with the addition of a driver's seat to replace the passenger's seat, i.e. I'll be able to raise it. It was less uncomfortable than the previous one, still more uncomfortable than the Volvo, but that is to be expected. At the end of the day, unless we had unlimited funds, to achieve both of our aims, this is going to be the only logical route to go.

Again we are going to take advantage (assuming that they give their approval, and there is no reason why they shouldn't) of the Motability Scheme, and have the car on contract hire - which is again the most logical and cost effective way. Because of having to 'go up' a model and changing the seat, we do have to make an advance payment, but fortunately it is not overly expensive, at least not when compared to Bank loans, interest and depreciation (which I tend to forget about).

The car is built in Thailand, and has been ordered, and if all goes according to plan, it should be with us in about eight weeks. The colour (you'll love this k1mono) is steel blue :-) It rather threw us when it came to choosing the colour, as we understood that metallic pain was extra, which was fine as neither of us particularly like metallic pain, so out of the two colours (blue and red) we'd already decided to have the blue. Then the lady told us that Motability have now decided that all cars on their scheme have to be metallic as they hold their value more, and at the end of the contract hire period, they are easier to resell.

It was a long day and as such I'm still feeling the effects, I was hardly around at all yesterday, but I do feel better today than I did.
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