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Genres In Fandom

Following on from my previous post, I started to wonder whether you could have Pre-Het as a genre?

And before you all think 'Nikki's flipped, that's Gen', consider this:

We have the genre Pre-Slash to indicate stories where characters of the same gender haven't actually got together, haven't kissed, haven't even shared their feelings, so why can't we have the same definition when it relates to characters of opposite genders?

And yes, I do appreciate the the term Pre-Slash can be as (if not more so) confusing and arbitrary and meaning different things to different people as Gen and Het can. For example, I know there are people for whom a story does not become slash, in their eyes, unless there is a sex scene; others who don't see it as slash unless there is a kiss (even though the couple are an established couple).

But surely if we can have Pre-Slash we should also be able to have Pre-Het, shouldn't we?

Has anyone come across stories labelled Pre-Het?

NB For the purposes of this post, please note that when I refer to genre, I don't mean things like romance, AU, action, etc. I mean slash, gen, het, pre-slash. I appreciate fully that the aforementioned types are genres, or sub-genres, but I'm not using the term that way for this post.

And for those folk on my f-list who do not like any kind of label, yes, I know that this adds another reason to why stories do not even need to be labelled Slash, Gen or Het (or in some cases just Slash and Gen). Something that, as you know, I don't agree with, but I do agree that it can become extremely complex.
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