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Story Links - February 2007

During February 2007, I made several in-roads into fulfilling my Fannish New Year's Resolutions

Firstly, I wrote my longest Gibbs/Ducky story to date, and also the story that I, thus far consider to be my best - The Common Factor. It isn't really long by my own, and many other people's standards, as it's only 13,316 words, but it's still the longest G/D story I have thus far written.

Secondly, I kept up my vow to take part in more ncis_flashfic challenges, as thus far I haven't missed a challenge. (Okay, so there have only been four, thus far, but even so . . .)

Thirdly, I wrote stories (yes, plural) that weren't NCIS; I wrote a Due South and a Man From U.N.C.L.E story.

FANDOM: Due South
PAIRING: Fraser/Vecchio

TITLE: Pretence

SUMMARY: Set during The Pilot. As Fraser walks away from Ray's desk, his thoughts are about more than the scene he has just witnessed. A G rated pre-slash story.

PAIRING: Gibbs/Ducky

TITLE: A Lifestyle Change

SUMMARY: Set within the current NCIS universe, but with one major difference: Ducky does not work for NCIS; in fact he is on a short-term contract with the FBI. He and Gibbs meet for the first time at an interagency party, where Tobias Fornell introduces them. The attraction is intense and immediate, and is more than just a physical one. However, for Gibbs, sex with a man is just that sex and one night stands, no commitment, no contact, no attachment. One night in Ducky's bed shakes the very foundations of this belief and he walks away. However, he cannot forget; but Ducky is leaving DC soon, very soon. An alternative reality R rated first time story.

TITLE: No More Secrets

SUMMARY: Ducky had always believed he would take his secret to his grave. However, he recalls the day that circumstances conspired to ensure this did not happen.

TITLE: The Common Factor

SUMMARY: A serial killer is on the loose, raping and killing highly ranked Marine officers. Despite Gibbs's best efforts to find the man or even some clues, the team keeps running up against dead ends. It isn't until the fourth body is found that Ducky has a sudden inspiration. His idea leads to Gibbs going undercover, in an attempt to lure the killer into attacking him. His gut tells him that they have their man, but somehow he has to entice the suspect into making his move, without losing his own life. Set towards the end of Season Two; after The Meat Puzzle but before SWAK, and written with the assumption that one has no knowledge of Seasons Three and Four. An R rated established relationship story.

TITLE: It Might Have Something To Do With

SUMMARY: Leaving the kids to all go back in one car, tired of their squabbling, Gibbs choose to drives just Ducky back from a conference. Ducky, having been given the map, navigates them via the pretty route, which would have been fine, except Gibbs's car skids of the road and breaks down; and his cell phone won't work in the area. He suggests that the kids will wonder where they are, and his oldest and closet friend's answer stuns him and makes him re-evaluate their relationship. A PG rated first time story.

TITLE: The Right Thing To Do

SUMMARY: A kind of sequel to Like Mother Like Son. When he is going through his mother's possessions after her death, Ducky comes across several letters. A G rated established relationship story.

TITLE: Regaining Control

SUMMARY: Ducky is due back at NCIS following a Medical Examiners conference. However, a call sends Gibbs racing from the office to go to the aid of his lover. Together they have to face something that could potentially damage their relationship. An R rated established relationship, hurt/comfort story, with an off-screen dark subject matter.

PAIRING: Napoleon/Illy

TITLE: Silence Can Be A Lie

SUMMARY: Illya decides there is more than one way of lying
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