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Ship meme answers

Hmm, having jumped on-board this meme, I have to own up and confess that I'm not one hundred percent certain quite what I'm meant to be doing ::rueful grin:: However, after looking at what other people have produced, this is what I've come up with. I'm afraid I've gone over the hundred words, but then as I only had two to do, I felt I could do that :-)

I hope this meets your expectations queenbamfie and blktauna.


Bodie and Doyle seem to have taken the cop show maxim, ‘always watch your partner’s back’, to extremes. They have a bond that goes beyond that of working partners and best friends. They would clearly die for, kill for, fight for, argue for, lie for, back-up to the hilt one another, and are so entrenched in their own world, that few outsiders seem able to get in.

They are in love and love one another, and their love goes beyond friendship. They have a relationship to which they are both prepared to commit. For me they share romance, without being slushily romantic and ultra soppy. They are emotionally attached to one another as well as physically and I don’t believe they have a problem showing their love and affection. They are one another’s foil and they compliment one another.

In a way they are opposites, Doyle feels things more deeply, he’s the one who shows his emotions and sheds a few tears on more than one occasion. He’s the one who takes on the worries of the world, Bodie is more pragmatic. Bodie kills more easily than Doyle does, but I doubt that he enjoys it, he is just able to rationalise it more. Bodie is neat and tidy and likes junk food, Doyle is less tidy and into healthy eating, nonetheless despite teasing one another over these things, they could happily reach a compromise and work things out.

Despite all the women that pass through their beds and minds, none of the really matter (even Ann doesn’t, after all, Doyle never spoke of marriage, that was Bodie). They might play one-upmanship games, but at the end of the day the woman is just not important to them. If one needs the other, he’s there, giving up holiday time, women, etc. etc. Simply put without one another they are incomplete.


Neil and Willy aren’t strictly speaking equals - Neil is clearly Willy’s boss, they aren't partners - which makes this pairing different from my other interests. However, they have worked together for quite some time, and their friendship is apparent.

Neil in particular is distant and so obviously frightened of commitment and seems to pride himself on not needing anyone. Yet he does need Willy, he relies on Willy, he lets Willy get away with things that he probably shouldn’t. Willy calls him ‘sir’ in the office, but also feels that he can give advice and speak to Neil as an equal.

For me sex would come more easily than emotional commitment, yet both men are also capable of and would benefit from love. I see them as lovers whilst both Sandbaggers, and Neil ending the relationship, against Willy’s wishes, when Neil was promoted. His justification being that sending his friend out to his possible death was one thing, sending his lover impossible. Yet, the connection is still there. Neil often calls for Willy, when Willy isn’t just wandering into his office, to run ideas by him, and if clearly genuinely fond of Willy. I hesitate to use the word ‘love’ for this pairing, although I do believe it is there. I’m just not certain that Neil would find it easy to use the word.

Willy is more easy going, more laid back than Neil, another reason why Neil needs him, and is prepared to go along with what Neil wants - for now. I personally see the relationship returning to that of lovers after the final ep, when Neil realises just how close he came to losing Willy, and just how short life is.

Ultimately when it comes to trust, Willy is the only person whom Neil can truly trust, not only in a professional situation but in his private life too. Willy seems the only person able to get close to Neil, closer even than Neil’s ex-wife got. Moreover, the reverse seems to be true. They are there for one another, and they stand by one another. Willy made it clear that if Neil weren’t around, he’d leave, making me think that Neil is the only reason that Willy is still a Sandbagger.
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