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Zafira - The good, the bad, the hopeful

The good

The wheelchair went in quite easily and fits without any problem - yay! Which means we can take the wheelchair and still have passengers in the back; which fulfils one aim.

The bad

It was less uncomfortable than the Doblo but more uncomfortable than the Volvo (sigh). To be honest I expected that as the Volvo is pretty old and so the seat is 'worn in'. Also new cars seem to have moulded and quite firm seats, which really do not help me at all, as I can't get my usual cushion to fit on the seat and if I do, because I'm higher (which I need to be for comfort), all the back moulding is thrown out and isn't in the correct place. Also the seats are so short from front to back, thus I don't get the support I need under my thighs.

As it stands, it would not be suitable. However . . .

The hopeful

The next model up actually has more comfortable seats, which are slightly longer fore and aft, and although they are more moulded than the model we tried, it's a better moulding and I can actually settle 'into' it. It makes getting in and out of the seat more difficult, but the actual travelling should be better. I say 'should' as this was based literally on just sitting in one that was about to be sold. However, given by that time I'd travelled about 90 miles, and immediately felt the difference when sitting in it (as did J), it bodes well. Also, by going up a model, there is the option to change the passenger seat for one that, like the driver's seat, you can raise, tilt and also alter the lumber support. So on Monday 5th March, we are going to try this model out - albeit without the raised passenger seat, but I can sit in the driver's seat and get a feel for the extra height and support. So hopefully, this will do the trick.

The result of yesterday

All in all I travelled about 120 miles, which really to many people is nothing, but to me . . . I feel totally done in. I hurt and ache all over (well above and beyond my usual level) and feel totally energy-less and knackered. This might well be my only visit to the computer today; I'll see how I feel later on.
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