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Nikki's Notations
A Slash Friendly Journal
Lover 100 Challenge Index Table - Gibbs/Ducky
My table for my lover100 challenge stories.

001.Romance. 002.Beauty. 003.Forgiveness. 004.Regret. 005. Discovery.
006.First Meeting. 007.Hardest Truth. 008.Resolutions. 009.Anything. 010.Home.
011.Intimacy. 012.Self-Love 013.Kisses. 014.Frustration. 015.Pressure.
016. Absurd. 017.Forbidden. 018.Honesty. 019.Grace. 020.Laughter.
021.Confidence. 022.Happiness. 023.Sexy. 024.Tears. 025.Growth.
026.Sensuality. 027.Faith. 028.Night. 029.Day. 030.Innocence.
031.Music. 032.Water. 033.Love. 034.Ambiguity. 035. Act.
036.Whew. 037.Anger. 038.Dirt. 039.Trust. 040.Heat.
041.Summer Love. 042.Found. 043.Opportunity. 044.Death. 045.Passion.
046.Healing. 047. Life. 048.Joy. 049. Freedom. 050.Bliss.
051.Dreams. 052.Kinky. 053. Haunted. 054.Emergence. 055.Transmogrify.
056. Magnetic. 057. Surreal. 058. Passage. 059.Lush. 060. Could Of.
061.Would Of. 062.Should Of. 063.Hunger. 064.Need. 065.Want.
066.Take. 067.Have. 068. Mine. 069.Yours. 070.Lubricious.
071.Lugubrious. 072.Perspective. 073.Capering. 074.Empathy. 075. Sympathy.
076.Mirth. 077.Almost. 078.Always. 079.Surprise. 080.Warmth.
081.Heartache. 082.Ghosts. 083.Break-Up. 084.Make-Up. 085.Diary.
086.Voice. 087. Biggest Fear. 088.Warning. 089.Everything. 090.Nothing.
091.Failure. 092.Success. 093.Glimpse. 094.Sanctuary. 095.Picture.
096.Writer's Choice. 097.Writer's Choice. 098.Writer's Choice. 099.Writer's Choice.
100.Writer's Choice.

100/100 - Completed 28th June 2009.

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navy_cis From: navy_cis Date: 5th October 2007 19:06 (UTC) (Link)
LJ won't let me read #83 - Break-Up and #84 - Make-Up. *throws tantrum*

Pretty please tell me you've got another way for me to read them?

I've tried for several days now, and every time it comes back that I'm not allowed to view the page.
nakeisha From: nakeisha Date: 6th October 2007 15:24 (UTC) (Link)
Ooops, thank you for that. I have just discovered that I'd posted them with the friends setting rather than open.

It should be okay now.

They are rather 'different' - certainly the first one and as I say at the beginning I have NO idea from where they came.
navy_cis From: navy_cis Date: 6th October 2007 15:35 (UTC) (Link)
Thought it might be something like that.

I shall go off and read now then!

Different is good *nods*
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