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Weather and NCIS

Well, our world is still white (yay), and very beautiful. In fact you can't see where the sky ends and the hills begin, they blend into one.

Children are sledging on one of the hill opposite us, and it's all very clear, cold and peaceful.

I watched Blowback again last night with J; and as I had expected, I did enjoy it more second time around.

The reason for this, I'm sure, is that I knew what to expect, rather than having been mis-led by 'spoilers' first time round. So I think I shall amend my rating for it, and move it up my Season Four list slightly.

What we were led to believe it was, i.e. what it was 'billed' as: a Ducky-centric episode.

What it actually was: a Jenn-centric episode.

I'm sure you can see why so many of us were disappointed after seeing it.

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