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This is getting beyond a joke (Email problems)

I do not know WTF my ISP is up to, but it seems that my email (both incoming and outgoing) is utterly unreliable - and I don't know for how long it's been going on. I found out a few days ago that a friend about whom I was a tad concerned had actually written me three emails over the last few months, none of them have arrived!)

Okay, so my inbox is empty apart from:

1 email from solo
1 email from doylebaby
And one from a non-LJ friend.

If anyone is sitting there wondering why I haven't answered their emails, be it in the last few days, weeks or even months, please let me know just what the email(s) is/are, and I'll either dig out my reply, or ask you to resend your email.

Please do so in comments, as I really don't know whether to trust my ISP at the moment.

And talking of LJ comments, with the exception of several from aingeal8c which I still have to answer (*waves*), if there's anything where we were in the middle of a discussion, or something you had expected me to reply to, please point me in the direction of it - especially if it was on your LJ, or in a Comm other than those I own/maintain (20_est_relships, ncis_gibbsducky & rare_pair).

Thank you kindly.

*Nikki goes off muttering darkly and making threats to her ISP*
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