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Story Links - January 2007

Herewith links to stories written in January 2007. All are slash and all are Gibbs/Ducky.

TITLE: Mistletoe And Mulled Wine

SUMMARY: Mrs. Mallard insists on Ducky inviting his colleagues over for a Christmas drink. A G/PG rated humorous team ( Gibbs, Ducky, DiNozzo, McGee, Ziva, Abby, Jimmy, Jenny, Mrs. Mallard, Mrs. Patterson (OFC)) fic, that leaves all the characters in a good light.

TITLE: Years That Pass

SUMMARY: A chance meeting in 1975 heralds the beginning of a deep, intense and long lasting friendship between two, on the surface at least, completely different people. The love is clear and sometimes the best things are worth waiting for. Set in 1975 and 2005. A first time PG-13 rated story.

TITLE: Keeping Your Promise

SUMMARY: Ducky remembers the day that Jethro promised him he would come back; he also remembers the months before it really happened. A PG AR established relationship story.

TITLE: New Resolve

SUMMARY: After a talk with Charlie Patterson, Ducky makes a decision, and a New Year's resolution. However, it is not without a degree of trepidation that he goes to see Jethro. A PG rated established relationship story.

TITLE: Questions For Charlie

SUMMARY: Charlie Patterson has a decision to make, the kind of decision a son might ask his father to help with. However, Charlie's parents are in another country and left Charlie to be brought up by his grandparents, providing for him in a purely financial capacity. Thus, Charlie turns to the two men who had been more like fathers to him than the man who actually fathered him, to help him with his decision. Once he's made it, he has to tell his grandmother. A G/PG rated established relationship story.
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