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Persistent little bug

Trust me, you do not want this particular bug. The bug itself, the aching, etc. isn't too bad (I've had far worse) and now definitely seems to have gone away, but the aftermath of it still remains. I'm feeling better than I was, but the still wrung out and feeling very under the weather.

It's also one of these you feel okay one minute and then wham it hits you again the next. However, the 'feeling okay one minute' bits are getting longer, so in an attempt to regain some semblance of normality (whatever that might be), I am going to attempt to do the odd bit here and there - at least I'm not getting the 'oh, look pretty words on the screen' all the time now.

It's going to be a few days, I fear, before I'm completely right, so I am going to be very sensible (there's a first time for everything, I guess) and not overdo it, but there are things I need/want to get posted. These include a birthday story for toomuchfandom, which was written weeks ago, just not formatted for LJ; a story for the current ncis_flashfic challenge (which ends tomorrow), which was also written before I became sick, but again not formatted for LJ; various admin stuff for for my 20_est_relships Community; reading various stories; not to mention replying to long outstanding comments. No, I'm not going to do all this at once, I am going to be sensible, but bit by bit I'm going to try and do little things in-between slumping in a chair and watching a DVD, sleeping, reading.

Again, thank you for all your good wishes and good vibes, they have been and are really appreciated and have cheered me up a great deal.

ETA: I have my kitchen timer duly set, so that I can make myself be 'sensible'.

To do list:

Post story for toomuchfandom
Post story for ncis_flashfic challenge
House keeping for 20_est_relships
Read and comment on stories
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