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Birthday Wishes and an update

Firstly, and the reason for writing this, I'd like to wish


A Very

I hope you enjoy your day.

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So, this hoped for 24 hour bug, isn't a 24 hour one *sigh*.

It is a full blown, several day lasting one. There are two bugs going around our local little town, a diarrhoea and sickness one and the one that we have which is basically a flu-like bug. And believe me as ill as I feel, I'd far rather have this one.

It's flu-like in its symptoms insofar as you ache from above your head to below your toes and have that general 'everything is too much effort' type of feeling. The aching, I am pleased to say, has now gone (apart from my neck, which although slightly less painful is still causing me a lot of pain), but now I feel as though I have been laid up with flu for two weeks, anyone who has had actual flu will know that feeling. It isn't flu because a) I did have a flu jab and b) I've had flu, and you aren't up and about with it and you feel considerably worse.

At the moment I'm pretty much able to only read and catch up on some DVDs, anything else is too much effort. I am downloading my email each day, and would like to thank you for all your good vibes and wishes, etc. they are much appreciated and are helping to cheer me up. However, any attempt at doing anything is pretty much like 'oh look pretty words on the screen' - I'm not even sure how coherent this will sound. J is about a day behind me in his symptoms and apparently our neighbour came home from work last night and collapsed on the bed.

Anyway, so it'll be at least another day before I'm back around - even writing this has made me feel like going and collapsing in a chair, so I'm going to do that thing. Take care all of you and please if you have any to spare keep the good vibes winging our way.

ETA I spoke too soon; the aching is all back with a vengeance. It's one of these bugs that's rather like a see-saw, one minute you feel a little perked, the next . . .

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