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Story Links - December 2006

Herewith links to stories written in December 2006. All are slash and all are Gibbs/Ducky.

TITLE: How It Should Be

SUMMARY: Set after 'that' scene in Smoked. Gibbs and Ducky take their reconciliation out of the office. An R rated established relationship story.

TITLE: Coming To Terms

SUMMARY: Gibbs has to come to terms with the results of his job, and face something he’d always believed he could face. A PG-13 established relationship, angsty story.

TITLE: Until It's Gone

SUMMARY: Set immediately after Red Cell. Gibbs gets an unpleasant shock as a result of his fight. An R rated established relationship, angsty story.

TITLE: Countdown To A New Beginning

SUMMARY: At a New Year's Eve party with his coworkers, Gibbs recalls what happened seven years ago on that very night. A PG rated established relationship sappy story that also contains the pairings of: Abby/McGee, Jimmy/Agent Lee, DiNozzo/Ziva (implied), Jenn/Senator Bob (implied)

TITLE: A Child Never Forgets

SUMMARY: Ducky recalls a special memory. A PG-13 rated established relationship story.

TITLE: A Smooth Transition

SUMMARY: Ducky muses on the birth of his relationship with Jethro and how it moved from friends to lovers. A G rated established relationship story.

TITLE: Yuletide Celebrations Part One & Part Two

SUMMARY: This is the sixth story in my Occasions Universe. Following the success of Thanksgiving, Ducky persuades Jethro to invite the team over to their home for a season celebration. Determined not to offend any member of the team, the event is not the typical Christmas party. Instead Ducky introduces the team to the history of the Solstice and Saturnalia. A PG rated established relationship story.

TITLE: And What Have You Done?

SUMMARY: t's Christmas, and Gibbs looks back at what he has done, and more importantly what he has not done over the last year. In doing so he makes a decision that will change his life forever.

TITLE: You Saved My Life

SUMMARY: Ducky remembers when he and Jethro first met, and how over the years Jethro has proved to be his knight in shinning armour.
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