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Your Number's Up Quiz Results

Just over a week ago I posted a quiz that J's mother sent to us.

I now give you the answers:

1. 24 H in a D
24 Hours in a Day

2. 26 L of the A
26 Letters of the Alphabet

3. 7 D of the W
7 Days of the Week

4. 7 W of the W
7 Wonders of the World

5. 12 S of the Z
12 Signs of the Zodiac

6. 66 B of the B
66 Books of the Bible

7. 52 C in a P (W Js)
52 Card in a Pack (Without Jokers/Jesters)

8. 13 S on the U S F
13 Stripes on the United States Flag

9. 18 H on a G C
18 Holes on a Golf Course

10. 39 B of the O T
39 Books of the Old Testament

11. 5 T on a F
5 Toes on a Foot

12. 90 D in a R A
90 Degrees in a Right Angle

13. 3 B M (S H T R)
3 Blind Mice (See How They Run)

14. 15 P in a R T
15 Players in a Rugby Team

15. 3 W on a T
3 Wheels on a Tricycle

16. 100 P in a P
100 Pennies in a Pound

17. 11 P in a F T
11 Players in a Football Team

18. 12 M in a Y
12 Months in a Year

19. 13 = U F S
13 = Unlucky For Some

20. 8 T on an O
8 Tentacles on a Octopus

21. 29 D in F in a L Y
29 Day in February in a Leap Year

22. 27 B in the N T
27 Books in the New Testament

23 365 D in a Y
365 Days in a Year

24. 13 L in a B D
13 Loaves in a Bakers Dozen

25. 9 L of a C
9 Lives of a Cat

26. 60 M in an H
60 Minutes in an Hour

27. 64 S on a C B
64 Squares on a Chess Board

28. 6 B in an O in C
6 Balls in an Over in Cricket

29. 1000 Y in a M
1000 Years in a Millennium

30. 32 is the T in D F at which W F
32 is the Temperature in Degrees Fahrenheit at which Water Freezes

The three people with the highest correct answers were:

dinahmt 30
kalliekat 28
aingeal8c 15

Well done to all of you!
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