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Why, oh, why do companies ask you to fill out your address details and change your address when ordering from them, if they then ignore the address you have given them and use your old address??!!??!!

At the end of February I placed an order on-line and I was beginning to wonder where it was - actually I had to place it in two parts as the site only allowed a certain number of items. Today I get a letter from the company sent to ..... yes, my old address! The letter told me two things (apart from the fact that they'd messed up my address). One, that the items listed below completed my order, and two that my credit card company had rejected payment.

So I rang the company (after finding their real number not their 0870 number) and discovered, as I had guessed, that the first parcel had been dispatched to my old address. I also discovered that there was nothing on their records to note my change of address. So the parcel will eventually bounce back to the company, who will then resend it to me - or not. They'll probably write to me first, despite the reassurances from the lady to whom I spoke that it will be sent straight on. I just hope that by that time we haven't moved again. She also retook the order for the 'refused payment' (another good reason for not using the 0870 number), and assured me that this would be sent out immediately.

And of course the reason my credit card company had refused the second payment was because they were being super-careful. They don't like it if they get two requests for very similar amounts from the same company on the same day - but do they write and tell you? No, of course not! They leave you to find out. It's happened to me before with a different credit card, and the lady to whom I spoke today told me that is something that all companies are both used to and tired of. I know I shouldn't complain about the credit card companies being safe, but why don't they write and tell their customers?

Motto: Do not place two orders with the same company on the same day using the same credit card!
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