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Yuletide Stories

ncis_gibbsducky Yuletide Gift Exchange story finally completed.
Okay, so it's not the story I'd intended to write; the bunny for that one is still peacefully sleeping (despite my best efforts), after allowing me to write only the first scene. However, the completed story fulfils my recipients requirements, so that's fine.

ncis_tinsel story completed.

ncis_gibbsducky December challenge (prompt - free for all, just write a story) story completed.

rare_pair December challenge (prompt - Christmas, Solstice, Yuletide, New Year) story completed.

Gift story completed.


The results of my recent poll have been analysed and the report duly typed up ready to be posted on Monday.

My email in-box is empty.

Even if I say so myself, I am feeling more than a little chuffed with my achievements.
Tags: fandom: ncis, fanfic: general, lj comm : ncis_gibbsducky, lj comm : rare pair, ncis: tinsel

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