December 1st, 2020

Christmas: Tree & snow (Blue)

Christmas Pretties Day 01

Well here we are in the last month of what has been a very strange year indeed. In many ways (well most ways) for me personally, the year hasn't actually been any different from my usual year, insofar as I do spend 99% of my life indoors without seeing anyone other than J. Despite that, it has still felt a very strange year and a very hard going year, with unexpected 'side-effects' (unable to settle to books being one of them).

Let us hope 2021 will be a much better year and the world is able to get back to some level of 'normality and economies can start to rebuild, health services won't be a one-illness-place, families can see and hug one another again and Covid turns into another thing we have to learn to live with - with vaccines that work and do what they should be doing.

Anyway, Covid aside let's turn out attention to nicer things. Last year in December I embarked on a month of posting Christmas/Advent/New Year/Solstice/Wintry pretty pictures which went down very well. So well in fact I decided I would 'inflict' in on you once again :-) I shall endeavour not to repeat any of the pictures I used last year.

This year I shall begin with a picture which isn't necessarily an out and out Christmassy picture, but is one I see as being Christmas related. It could quite easily be a Christmas murder mystery book cover or a Christmas card. It's a gorgeous scene, very much a 'back in time' scene and for me that small trees in the foreground definitely look like Christmas trees which have been naturally decorated with the snow.