September 6th, 2020

Autumn: Trees (Mist)

September Pretties Day 06

Geese Flying

For me seeing flocks of geese flying south for the winter is the sign that autumn has well and truly arrived. We haven't seen any yet in our part of the UK, but from past years I don't think it will be that long before they start. This picture, even though the trees hasn't quite turned yet, definitely has a strong feel of autumn about it. The sky is very autumnal, there are hints the trees will start to turn soon and the geese are their way to warmer climes.
Autumn: Trees (Mysterious)

September Pretties Day 07

Tree & haze

I'm not sure what it is that makes autumn and haze seem almost synonymous for me, after all we get a lot of haze here during the whole year. However, somehow pictures of autumn and haze always appeal to me. I love this one not just because of the beautiful colour of the trees, the leaves on the ground and the mystical haze, but also because of the lovely, delicate doe in the foreground.
Autumn: Trees (Reflection)

September Pretties Day 10

Autumn painting (2)

Gosh, we're a third of the way through September already, where have ten days gone?

Today's pretty is definitely a painting and it is another one I would more than happily have on my wall - in fact I'd love to have it on my wall. I think it's stunning and has so many things I love: trees in their autumn colours, water, a snow capped mounting, a lovely sky, plus the evergreen tree that really does provide a lovely contrast. It's gorgeous.