July 9th, 2020

OF: Buffy (Giles & books)

30 Days of Fandom Meme Day 23

23 – When you post, where do you post to? Just your journal? Just an archive? Your own personal site?

It varied. I always posted to my LJ and to my personal website and would post to other LJ Comms depending on the particular fandom/pairing.

Mostly I would only post the actual story to one place on LJ and that was usually my LJ. The other LJ comms I posted to would just be the story header with a link to the actual story. If the story was longer than one LJ post could handle, then I'd post the story to my website and all the LJ posts would link to it.

Occasionally a particular comm or fest had rules of their own whereby the actual story had to be posted to the relevant comm, in which case I would do so and link all my header posts to that comm. I did still post the story to my own website.

I did also post to an NCIS fanfiction site for a while. I stopped doing that when I branched out from just writing Gibbs/Ducky.

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