July 6th, 2020

Writing: Qwill & Ink

Twenty Titles Meme

This is the meme I mentioned in yesterday's post. It's snaggled from liadtbunny.

Look at your most recent 20 fanwork titles and answer the questions.

As seventeen of the twenty were written in the same two months, I have opted for alphabetical order rather than in actual chronological order.

Best Laid Plans (McGee/Palmer)
Change of Heart  (Dalgliesh/Massingham)
Doing it My Way (Ducky)
Everything Has A First Time (Napoleon/Illya)
Good Deeds Can Backfire (Bodie/Doyle)
Hidden Ones Are The Worst (Hawkeye/BJ)
I'm Not Telling Ducky (Gibbs & DiNozzo)
Jimmy's Problem (Jimmy & Ducky)
Keep on Hoping (Dalgliesh/Massingham)
Locating The Key (Napoleon/Illya)
Not Without Feelings Of Guilt (Hawkeye/BJ)
Operation Glory (Napoleon/Illya)
Proud of You (DiNozzo/Palmer)
Quiet Nights Were The Worst (Bodie/Doyle)
Reservations (Starsky/Hutch)
Undercover (DiNozzo/Ziva)
Victory for All (Lynley/Havers)
What Matters is Us (Gibbs/Palmer)
X-Ray Like (DiNozzo/Palmer)
Zero Tolerance (McGee/Palmer)

1. How many are you happy with?
I'm happy with all of them. I wouldn't have used them had I not been.

2. How many are... not great?
I suppose X-Ray Like might be a little clumsy, it maybe doesn't quite flow that well and may feel as if it's missing another word. However, it works for the story. Plus, I needed a story that began with the letter 'X' for my own personal mission to write at least one story for each pairing/genre of a fandom for each letter of the alphabet - X was always the hardest letter to fill and x-ray is a word that begins with X and given Jimmy works in Autopsy and x-rays feature in Autopsy, the title fitted.

3. How many did you scramble for at the last minute?
None. That isn't how I write. The story title is part of the 'template' I have for each story, as well as the file name I give the story as soon as I start writing. Thus, I have to come up with a title pretty much before I actually start writing the story.

4. How many did you know before you started writing/creating, or near the beginning?
That would be all of them - see the above answer.

5. How many are quotes from songs or poems?
None are direct quotes from songs or poems. However, Doing It My Way has a kind of link to the song My Way. And Best Laid Plans finds its origins in the poem From a Mouse by Robbie Burns. I can honestly say neither were deliberate used quotes, but with both phrases being in common usage, they just worked for the story.

6. How many are other quotes?
As far as I know, none - at least none are deliberate quotes.

7. Which best reflects the plot of the story/content of the fanwork?
Probably Jimmy's Problem as it sums up the story in two words: Jimmy has a problem he needs to solve.

9. Which best reflects the character voice of the story/POV of the fanwork?
I think that would be Doing It My Way as the story is about the way Ducky works his way around the problem of meeting a deadline on a case when there is no web, cell phone or computer access.

10. Which is your favourite?
This is a very hard one, I've never really thought about having a favourite title. That said, I am going to go with I'm Not Telling Ducky as it is, I think, a rather intriguing and amusing title - especially given it's a Gibbs and DiNozzo gen story.