July 5th, 2020

Writing: Fanfic

Well, well, well, the things you discover

As I did my first read of the day of my flist, I came across a fanfic title meme on liadtbunny's journal and, despite it being a few years since I wrote anything, I thought it looked like fun. To do it I had to find the titles of the last twenty stories I'd written.

A trip to my website wasn't quite as helpful as I'd hoped it would be, as my 'Recent Updates' page only contained two stories (there was a time when although I was writing I wasn't actually positing it anywhere). Rather than go through every index page to find stories written before the date of my most 'Recent Updates', I thought I'd do a search of my website files on my computer.

To my surprise and even bemusement I found two stories I had never uploaded to my site. I had put the pages (and a new 'Recent Updates' page together, but for some reason I hadn't uploaded it. I didn't even think I'd posted the stories anywhere, but I have just discovered I did post them to my LJ.

I had even forgotten I had written the stories. They are both Dalgliesh/Massingham stories, which means this fandom isn't a 'one-shot' fandom after all.

Well, well, well, I must say this really was quite the surprise. I'm now wondering if I have any other stories (apart from those I won't be sharing online) lurking anywhere. Hmmm.