June 22nd, 2020

Gibbs/Ducky: Broken Bird Manip

Weekly Icon Posting Project

This icon was made by adriannacoylho.

Adrianna was one of the close group of Gibbs/Ducky writers who kept our little part of the NCIS fandom alive and well. She also produced graphics, this icon being one of them. It's a manip from the episode Broken Bird where we have Ducky calling Gibbs 'sweetie'. Need I say more?

I like the way Adrianna put together the icon; it works really well in my opinion, showing Gibbs concern and as gazes down at Ducky before he gently puts Ducky's glasses back on for him.

It's a lovely icon and a fond memory of one of the many canon Gibbs/Ducky moments.
Books: Coloured

Weekly Icon Posting Project

This icon was made by ladytalon.

I believe this was the first book icon I snaggled. It caught my eye because of the simplicity, beauty and balance of the icon.

The use of the light shining on the book making the book different colours depending on how the light catches it is stunning. I can almost see the light quiver. It's a lovely icon.