April 21st, 2020

Raffles: Near kiss

30 Days of Fandom Meme Day 08

8 – Do you write OCs? And if so, what do you do to make certain they're not Mary Sues, and if not, explain your thoughts on OCs.

Yes, I do write OCs; I have several recurring ones. As for how I make certain they're not Mary Sues, that's easy as with two exceptions, my OCs are male and for the two females, one is a child, the other a lady in her 70s. Plus, given I mainly write slash, thus I want my chaps to be with another chap, I wouldn't want to write a 'Mary Sue' anyway. (To be honest it was quite some time before I knew what was meant by 'Mary Sue').

I have two fandoms in which I have recurring OCs. NCIS and Raffles.

In NCIS I have a grandmother and grandson. Mrs. Helen Patterson and Charles (who everyone except Ducky of course calls 'Charlie). They are fleshed out characters, Charlie lives with his grandmother as his parents work overseas and to be honest don't really have a lot of time for Charlie or Helen. They mainly appear in my Gibbs/Ducky stories as Mrs. Patterson is Ducky's mum's closest friend and helps Ducky out at times, as does Charlie. They remain friends of Gibbs and Ducky even when Mrs. Mallard is no longer around.

They became well liked characters so much so that more than one of my fellow Gibbs/Ducky writers used them (with my permission) in some of their stories. I was really so very chuffed when my fellow G/D writers asked if Mrs. Patterson & Charlie could be borrowed.

In Raffles I have several main recurring characters and they are split between Raffles and Bunny's school days and their post-school days stories.

Whilst they are at school I gave both Raffles and Bunny a best friend. Bunny's was a lad Oliver Urquhart (whom Bunny called 'Ollie') and Raffles's was a boy of his own age Edward Charleston (whom Raffles called 'Charlie'). In fact Charleston and Urquhart appear in some of my post-school days stories. Charleston both appears and is mentioned in more stories, but there are a few stories in which I have Charleston & Urquhart as another couple and the four men spend time together. Charleston & Ollie both have fleshed out characters and feel very real.

In addition to Charleston and Urquhart there are a few more school days OCs who appear more than once. Mr. Dobson their Housemaster is one and there are several other boys as well, that aren't as fleshed out character-wise as Charleston & Urquhart, but are more than just a name. Raffles's sister (who is mentioned once in the Raffles's books) becomes a real character in several of my stories (she's quite a longer than Raffles and he adores her). I also have a recurring character who *g* I invented a younger brother for Raffles, a boy who would have been the same age as Bunny, but who was a sickly child and died young. In fact I mention him (and he even appears in one of my supernatural stories) both in the school stories and in some post-school stories.

In my post-school stories, again I have a few minor OCs who pop up in various stories. However, there is one recurring character who appears or is at least mentioned in most of the stories. He is Parker and is the porter at The Albany where Raffles has rooms.

And I'm sure this is far more than you wanted or needed to know about my OCs. As you can see I'm really rather passionate about and somewhat proud of my 'creations' *g*

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