April 5th, 2020

Gibbs/Ducky: Hat

Favourite Pairings Pictures: Gibbs/Ducky

Again I am going with a main pairing. The pairing that dominated my writing for quite some time. A pairing I not only wrote fiction about, but also did some essays about and set up a dedicated LJ comm for. The pairing that was never going to be a pairing because I started to watch NCIS as just a show to watch. The pairing that was pretty much non-existent until I started writing them. A pairing that had a relative small, but extremely dedicated and devoted base. Gibbs/Ducky from NCIS.

Choosing any pictures to depict Gibbs/Ducky is not an easy job, not just because I have so many of them, but also because they did give us so much canon material. In the end I decided upon two of my all time favourites.

Smoked.1 Walking Hug