January 6th, 2020

Gibbs/Ducky: Smiles

Weekly Icon Posting Project

The first icon of the New Year is:

I hadn't planned to post fannish icons just yet. However, today my friend toomuchfandom made a post in which she mentioned my ncis_gibbsducky community where we both used to spend a considerable amount of our time. Her post made me remember what a fun time us Gibbs/Ducky fans used to have sharing stories and pictures and icons and episode reviews and squee generally about our chaps.

Although quite a few of us (me included) made Gibbs/Ducky icons, toomuchfandom was one of the best and made some lovely icons that she kindly shared with us - this is one of them. She not only made icons, she wrote and did other graphics and was always willing to help budding graphic makers and give tips.

I have several of her icons in use and a lot more saved on my computer, many of which have been used at some time or other.

As I said to toomuchfandom on her post, I do miss those days.