December 16th, 2019

Christmas: Snowman

Christmas Pretties Day 16

Today's Christmas pretty is another outside scene.

It looks as if it might possibly have originally been a Christmas card, or just a pretty painting. Again whilst it has an outside Christmas tree there is nothing else explicitly Christmas about it. However, the snow (both falling and already settled), the cottages, the smoke coming from the chimneys,  the fir trees all for me depict Christmas. Even the theme of blue and white seem Christmassy to me. It's another 'feel good' scene that brings me peace, pleasure and nostalgia.

Blue Christmas
Christmas: Santa & snow

Weekly Icon Posting Project

This week's Christmas icon is:

This icon was made by pfodge who is another superb icon maker. The amount of detail in a mere 100 x 100pix is amazing. It's so clear and uncluttered and yet has so much going on with the trees & Father Christmas, the moon, the bird & animals and the falling snow; it's fun and again has an air of nostalgia about it as it is the 'perfect' Christmas. It makes me very happy.