October 7th, 2019

OF: Buffy (Giles & books)

Weekly Icon Posting Project

It can't be Monday again - can it? Apparently it is.

This time I am sharing an icon made by eyesthatslay. I have quite a few icons made by her, both in use and ones I haven't used yet and her icons were some of the first I came across that were available for use by any LJ user. It's a simple icon, but a lovely one.

Buffy is one of my favourite TV shows (in fact I have recently embarked on a rewatch of the entire series) and Rupert Giles is my favourite character. For me this sums him up perfectly as the 'British librarian surround by books'. He looks so perfectly British, so mild and well mannered, almost so easily shockable. But what lies behind that mind-mannered-British librarian is a will of steal, a level of darkness and knowledge of evil few of us could ever even dream of touching.