August 20th, 2019

Music: Love

30 Day Picture Challenge. Day 30

Post a picture that represents each of the following.

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Day 30: Music related


Finally, I have reached the end of this picture meme.

It's taken me a lot longer than I had originally intended, but that doesn't matter. What matters is I thoroughly enjoyed doing it - even if it was jolly challenging at times when it came to making decisions about what picture to use. I hope you have all enjoyed the pictures.

I said at one point I might do it again as I had so many gorgeous pictures I'd like to share. I still might do that, even if I tweak it a tad and see if I can make it more 'personal', use more of my own photos and ones that are related to the  areas I live/have lived in. Obviously, that wouldn't be possible for every question, but I could certainly manage quite a few. We'll see.

Anyway, for the final picture I have again gone for simplicity.