July 29th, 2019

Summer: Lighthouse & shacks

I haven't fallen off the face of the earth

Apologies for my lengthy absence from LJ.

As a few of you know (thank you for your concern) the day before Wimbledon was due to start I came down with a combination of what seems to have been summer flu & stomach flu. It was bad enough for me to spend the best part of two days in bed - something I never do. In fact hospital stays aside, the last time I took to my bed due to illness was over fifteen years ago. I even missed the first day of Wimbledon *g*

I stopped feeling ill by the end of the week, but the after effects of being unwell left me unable to do much at all on-line or indeed off-line. Instead I spent even more time watching Wimbledon - which I did enjoy.

Since then, as  often happens after one has been unwell, I have been feeling rather low in energy and spirit - hence why I haven't been around on LJ  (apart from posting the weekly NCIS drabble prompts each week).

I hesitate to say I'm back to my normal (or what passes for normal with me) self and thus will be fully back. But the fact I'm writing this shows I am perking up and ready to dip my toe into the water of on-line stuff again. I have missed it.

I can't promise to go through a month's worth of posts - so if there is anything to which you would like to draw my attention, please do post the link here.

I know I have also missed a few birthdays for which I apologise. Therefore I would like to say to londonronnie, ami_ven and pigglet27: