April 15th, 2019

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Book Bingo Round-up

I have now completed my ljbookbingo challenge. I had in my mind set myself the 'challenge within a challenge' of completing this by the end of April, so I am very happy and I thoroughly enjoyed taking part in the challenge.

Book Bingo Master Post.

On the plus side it helped me discover new authors and generally widen my reading genres somewhat. When I first signed up for it, I imagined I would be able to fit a considerably number of crime books into the challenge, and I could have done so. However, I felt that was a bit too 'easy' and thus didn't do that, but went for new authors and genres that I rarely read. I'm glad I did it that way, because I did discover authors I knew, but had never read and had kind of 'dismissed' as not being my kind of writer or storyline as well as new authors who I wouldn't have come across had it not been for this challenge.

However on the somewhat negative side, it reinforced the reason I tend not to do book challenges. It brought my mild obsessive compulsive side to the forefront, thus the first twenty-five books I read of the year had to be for this challenge. Thus, even though I would have liked to have read the second Cordelia Grey after rereading the first one, I couldn't because I had decided I wouldn't use an author more than once for this challenge. Also, as with anything I start I have this 'need' to finish it and finish it as quickly as I can, which can sometimes detract from the enjoyment of the challenge as it's about completion not the getting there.

That said, overall the positives definitely out-weighed the negatives as although I did at times I did feel 'I must finish this book', it wasn't really in a pressured way. It was more in the 'I want to know what happens' rather than 'I must finish this book so that I can tick another one off'. Plus, discovering new authors was definitely a positive (well apart from  the monetary aspect of finding new authors *g*).

Would I do it again? Maybe. I'm not definitely ruling it out, which again shows the positives outweighed the negatives. Nor am I saying I defiantly will do it again, because that would be putting myself under the kind of pressure I don't want nor need. We'll see how I feel at the beginning of next year. I did consider doing the table again, just for 'fun', just for me, just to add a gentle challenge to my reading. However, I have ruled that out as even if I tell myself 'it's just for fun' I'll still be feeling 'the next twenty-five books I read will have to be for the non-challenge challenge'.

The other decision I need to make is whether to go on posting book reviews for the rest of the year or not.

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And just because I do love stats and I haven't had a chance to use them for quite some time, here are a few stats in relation to the challenge.


First review posted: 29th January 2018
Last review posted: 14th April 2018

Rereads: Five.
New authors: Fifteen
New authors I'll read more of: Six
New authors I might read more of: Six
'Rediscovered' authors I'll return to reading: Three
Crime books: Eleven
Category Substitutions: Two