February 11th, 2019

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The favourite fannish tropes

A couple of people on my flist have done this (apparently it is doing the rounds) so I thought I'd give it a go. If you wish to have a go, you can do so here.

One thing the questions showed was I am more out of touch with fandom than I thought I was as in some cases it took a little bit of working out to know what the tropes were and in a couple of cases I had to resort to Google to check I had worked it out correctly.

My second problem was I wanted a 'neither' option quite a lot *g*

I did it twice, because the first time I didn't see the 'try not to use the bit that said 'I like both or 'no opinion',' which probably explains why so many of my apparent tropes have the same rating. Thus, I did it a second time and made myself pick one or the other even when I liked them both; I made myself decide that I preferred one (if only ever so slightly) over the other. However, if I really, really, really didn't like either, then I had to go for 'no opinion' as they didn't have an 'I don't like either' option. In all I used it six times out of 143. Given how many times I used it or 'I like both' the first time around, that isn't bad.

As such I have posted both, just to see what how different the results are (or aren't). And to be honest there really isn't that much difference in them. There are a couple which seem to be fairly different, but for the most part the top results are the same both times through, ditto the bottom results - which is interesting (to me anyway). And they do tie in with my actual favourites as well as things I have no interest in reading.

It was more enjoyable to do than I thought it might be upon first looking at it. Although, I'm not sure I really needed a meme to 'tell' me what I liked reading *g*

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