January 24th, 2019

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Australian Open Semi Finals Part 1 & Generator

Wow, what a day!

Three of my favourite played today: Rafa, Petra & Naomi and all three won.

I didn't see either lady as they were on whilst I was sleeping. But going by the scores and from comments I read Petra certainly won nice & easily (straight) and Naomi was the stronger player overall winning in three.

Rafa also won comfortably in straight sets. I was actually somewhat nervous for him before the match and during the first two games of the first set, after all he was playing the young chap who ousted Federer. However, my concern was unnecessary as he won nice and comfortably in straight sets, the third set being 6:0.

Sadly I didn't get to watch the third set (well apart from the final game) as N was here finally getting our generator working and so in order to make sure it came on when the power went off - i.e. the whole point of it *g* - he had to turn the power off. He turned it off with Rafa up two sets and despite how well Rafa was playing I was extremely surprised when upon the power came back, I looked at the scores on my iPad and saw he was 5:0 up in the third. I managed to get the telly on and Amazon Prime/EuroSport back up and playing just in time to see him serve out the match.

As you can imagine, I am extremely happy today - not just that I have three of my four favourites into the finals - but also that we now have a working generator. Okay, so this area hasn't had any outages lasting longer than about an hour, if that, according to N for a couple of decades - but you never know what will happen. After all, when we first moved to Scotland D&F told us the same thing and there we had a thirty-six hour outage (pre-generator) and quite a few more than a couple of hours subsequent to us getting a generator.

N had never come across an auto-start generator (one that clicks in when the power goes out all by itself so you don't have to turn it on by hand, which I can't do) and so after several attempts at getting it working and time spent reading the manual, he asked the chap under whom he had trained if he'd come along. He too had never come across a self-start one; it's not something a lot of people have in their own homes, they are rather specialist things (well they are here in the UK). But between them they figured it out and now J has programmed it as we obviously don't want it coming on during the night if there's a power outage, and we are good to go - hopefully. With a bit of luck it will never be used, but it is worth while having just in case.

Novak plays his semi tomorrow and having just checked I will be able to watch it.