January 21st, 2019

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Australian Open 2019

After a week and a day of what has been on the whole very exciting and enjoyable tennis, we are finally at the quarter finals stage.

Of my eight favourite men and six favourite women, only four have made it through - two men (Rafa & Novak Djokovic) and two women (Petra Kvitova & Naomi Osaka). In each case they are on opposite sides of the draws, so technically and if the tennis gods are feeling kind (laughs madly) I could have two wonderful finals with all four of my remaining favourites playing.

I am, of course, not holding my breath. Knowing my 'luck' all four of them will go out in the quarters. I hope not and on paper, in theory and based on past matches all four should get through to the semis. But as I've said many times, tennis isn't played on paper and these days, more so than I remember from the 'olden' days *g*, anyone is capable of beating anyone on the day. We have seen it many, many times. Will we see it this time? Obviously, I hope not, but we'll see.

Thus I am pretty happy. Of course I would have liked more of my favourites to have got to the quarters, but two men and two women isn't that bad.