January 16th, 2019

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I'm quite happy to have spent a penny

I'm not sure that will mean much to anyone outside of the UK and even within the UK it might not mean much to many today. Anyway . . .

Most of you won't have failed to notice that I rather enjoy watching tennis and get particularly happy during May - July as that's when terrestrial TV in the UK shows live tennis. Up until now, however, apart from the odd final and British Davis Cup match that the Beeb has covered, I haven't seen tennis beyond anything played during that time as I couldn't justify paying out the astronomical costs of having Sky Sport.

That has now changed - no I haven't won the Lottery *g*. Last year Amazon announced that it had won the rights to the main men's matches on the ATP Tour, the US Open and the end of year ATP tournament - starting from this year (the US Open started last year). And the cost of it was the cost of Amazon Prime membership. We had never bothered with Prime membership as neither of us are that bothered if we have to wait a few days to get anything we buy from Amazon and if there is an occasion we were bothered, then we'd just pay the postage. However, at £8.00 a month to get men's tennis (I do prefer it to ladies' tennis if only because it's quieter *g* and the coaches don't appear on court) was justifiable so I signed up and last year enjoyed my first taste of the US Open - which was quite an eye-opener.

Sadly it didn't cover the Australian Open - Eurosport still has that. However, as apart from a few finals it wasn't something I'd ever been able to see and as they say 'you can't miss what you've never had' (well hardly ever in my case). And then someone I follow on Twitter posted a link to Eurosport's special deal which would have been £30.00 for the year - in my case that would have been for two slams. I say two because although ITV shows the French Open, it is only one court of their choosing. Again I thought I could justify that. However, I find watching anything on my computer very difficult as it's not easy for me to get comfortable and ES's app doesn't work on my telly.

Then I discover AP are offering access to it as an add-on channel but £6.99 a month is harder to justify - albeit with the first month free as a trial period. Someone on Twitter said she had signed up & would be cancelling straight after the AO as that was the only thing she was interested in and I considered doing the same and then maybe resubscribing in May for the FO.

Whilst I was deliberating up pops AP with an extremely special-special offer. Add on Eurosport for 1p (yes one penny) per month for six months and thereafter £6.00. Needless to say, I signed up. And I have to say although I have only watched two matches so far, I feel I have more than justified my excessive one penny this month *g*

I was able to see what is likely to be Andy Murray's last ever match - although I am hoping he will decide to hang on, take five months out and then play Wimbledon so that he can retire at his home slam. However, he has said if his match on Monday was his last ever, then he believes he can retire 'happily' as he played so well and fought for five sets. But he still hasn't decided whether to delay another hip operation until after Wimbledon or get it done sooner rather than later. It was a splendid match, he came back from two sets down to level at two all, until he ran out of steam in the fifth. It was a delight to see not only how well he played, but also how loved and respected he is by the Aussie crowd and his fellow tennis players.

And today I watched Rafa win his second match against an Australian player - he plays against his third Australian player on Friday. So I'm hoping it will be: Rafa: 3, Australia 0 *g*

Despite Melbourne being eleven hours ahead of us, their night session is actually at a better time for me than either the day or night sessions at the US Open (some five hours behind us). I have to rearrange my day somewhat - not that I have a set time to do anything - and maybe have breakfast in front of the telly rather than at the dining table with J, but as my time is my own, that's fine.

Good things come to those who wait *g*