January 8th, 2018

Teddy: Sleeping

Help needed with uploading pictures

I had decided to get back into regular posting by sharing some pictures I had found and saved over the years with a brief waffle as to why I like them.

However, when I came to upload the first one to LJ Scrapbook I got the following error message:

Unknown error -230, Error (hashtag)2049

I had this when I tried uploading something at New Year, but didn't think much of it as I thought it was just one of those things tied in with the time of year, etc. However, apparently it wasn't.

I've tried in more than one browser and as I clear history and cookies every day it isn't something hiding in the cache; I've also tried with more than one computer. I know other people are sharing pictures on a regular basis (spikesgirl58 for one), albeit of course I don't know if they are using LJ's Scrapbook to host the picture.

Before I trouble LJ's Help bods, I thought I'd ask my flist. Can anyone help, please?