December 15th, 2017

Teddy: Stethoscope

A snowy Friday Five

On a Friday for once *g*

I couldn't pass this one by, could I?

1. What are your feelings about snow?

I love it.

2. What is the one thing you really dislike that is associated with snow

When it is at the slushy, mushy, melting, grey stage. It is so depressing when it gets to that stage.

3 What is the one thing you really like that is associated with snow

How beautiful it makes everything look.

4. Do you anticipate or dread bad weather reports?

Generally I'm really happy with them - but then I don't go out, so I don't have to worry about slipping, etc. However, if something is arranged e.g. J has to go out or we're expecting a Tesco or some other kind of delivery then I'm less sanguine about bad weather reports.

5. Are you dreaming of a White Christmas?

I would love a white Christmas. I would really, really love it. And whilst I would adore a snow-filled white Christmas, I would settle for a heavy frost that stayed around all day and turned the hills, fields, trees, etc. white.